What Steven Universe Charcter Are You?

-What Steven Universe Charcter Are You?-

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to take 3 different quizzes on Quotev. These quizzes will identify what Steven Universe Charcter I will be. I will leave links to the quizzes and I will leave my answers to them.

I also have a Quotev account. It is called Amy621. Be sure to check it out! Here is the link to my account:  


Okay! Let’s get started.

-First Quiz-

What Steven Universe Charcter are you? 


Answer: Pearl

Congratulations you got Pearl!You are the smartest and the most graceful out of the Crystal Gems.You are also a perfectionist and think things through.You are very motherly when it comes to your friends.


-Second Quiz-

Which Crystal Gem are you? (Including fusions)


Answer: Pearl

-Third Quiz-

Which Steven Universe Charcter are you Most Like?


Answer: Steven

You’re most like Steven! You’re confident, optimistic, and sympathetic. You try your best to help others and genuinely care about them.

So there it is! In real life, I am actually a mix of every single Crystal Gem. I am outgoing, but can be quiet at times. I can be graceful, but I can be ungraceful too.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I hope you take these quizzes to! Bye!



Welcome to The Steven Universe Fan Blog!

~Welcome to The Steven Universe Fan Blog!~

Welcome to The Steven Universe Fan Blog! This blog is for the famous Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe. This blog will have various things like…

  1. Steven Universe Gifs 
  2. Steven Universe Information
  3. Updates On Steven Universe
  4. Steven Universe Theories

This is not my very first blog, though. I have another blog which is my orginal, former blog. It is called “Welcome To Amy621’s Blog ^-^”. If you would like to visit that site, please click this link:


Thank you for visiting my Steven Universe Fan Blog, and I hope you enjoy the content on this blog.